General Maintenance

All repairs and maintenance is dispatched through the administration office. Work orders are produced as calls are received and referred to the Manager of the Maintenance Division for action. The majority of the work orders are handled within the Division; the Company currently employs three full time well skilled maintenance hands and three equally skilled people are available to us on a part time basis. Certified plumbers, electricians and heating/air conditioning technicians are available when needed.

Our Maintenance Division is well experienced with all types of repairs regardless of the vintage of the real estate and our people are also very good at renovations of every kind residential and commercial. Equally as important, maintenance personnel are available 24 hours each and every day. Emergencies are dealt with on a first priority basis and all Property Masters Group Of Companies personnel are made available for such events.
Property Masters Group Of Companies are in compliance with WCB requirements and Occupational Health and Safety regulations. All pertinent records and manuals are available for review upon request at our Corporate Offices in Sherwood Park.