Grounds Keeping

These services are performed by an affiliated company, Property Masters Grounds Services Inc. The Company prides itself in assigning well experienced people to each crew. In addition to our well skilled people, the Company utilizes the best equipment and it employs a wide range of specialty tools. Exmark, Honda, Kawasaki, Echo, Shindawa, Husqvarna , BCS, Genie are product names we have been associated with throughout the years. Well skilled people supplied with leading brand equipment produces total job satisfaction. We do strive to make every site look like our own front yard and we do only the work that is necessary to achieve that standard. Here is a list of work we do:

  • Grass cutting. All mowers are walk behind models; lawn maintenance is never a foot race for our crews.
  • Trimming – all edges, curbs & walkways (inside & outside) are power trimmed as well as grass surfaces trimmed level to meet mower heights around sign/lamp posts, trees, shrubs, flowers etc.
  • Sidewalks, flower/shrub beds and curbs are edged each time grass is cut.
  • All sidewalks and door frames are power blown to maintain these areas free from dust, cobwebs and debris.
  • All unwanted green growth is treated. Total weed control in and out of lawn areas.
  • Fertilizers applied and pest control.
  • Tree, shrub and flower beds maintained.
  • Trees pruned and hedges trimmed. All branches & twigs are chipped; wood chips can be used at the site for decorative finishes.
  • Lawn surfaces repaired, trees/shrubs transplanted/replaced, flowers planted & maintained   Lawns, trees, flowers & shrubs watered – water truck service.
  • Irrigation systems repaired and maintained.
  • Waste & litter cleaned up and disposed of.
  • Power units up to 3000 PSI are available for cleaning/washing siding, stucco, sidewalks and various other surfaces.
  • Snow is removed from sidewalks with power blowers and power brushes for a clean look and ice free environment; minimal amounts of environmentally friendly ice melt (4.5% sodium) are used for ice control.
  • Parking lot lamps, security lighting and pylon signage are maintained and inspected frequently.
  • Our Genie man lift has a range of 54 feet while the Genie scissor lift has a working height of 26 feet
  • Our Genie lift is also battery powered for noise and pollutant free operation.
  • Any other services are performed by subcontractors arranged by Property Masters Grounds Services Inc. All of our subcontractors are well proven and tested.
  • Shale beds, parking lots, fall leaf clean up and general litter clean is another service provided by this division. Our own design for a mega power vacuum makes a short task of the job.