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Spray Injection Patching


John Deere 2210 Tractor Service

Our versatile small tractor is equipped to perform a number of different tasks. It’s small wheel base and tight turning radius along with an all wheel drive allows this unit to get in and out of tight areas without any concern for traction.
This tractor is capable of performing light duty tasks such as front end loader which is great for the smaller landscape jobs or snow removal from sidewalks or other types of walkways. The tractor also is equipped with a hydraulic controlled broom, back blade and front push blade.
Rough cutting service for those areas not yet ready for finish type commercial mowers particularly effective on undeveloped acreages and commercial/industrial sites. All of our rough cut tasks are in sufficient detail where all weeds and grass in the most difficult areas and terrain are cut down even along fences, culverts and other such obstacles. The tractor is also capable of raking the weeds and grass into piles which are loaded onto our trailers and hauled away to the landfill.


John Deere D320 & D332 Skidsteers

These units offer the most efficient snow removal and grading services. Equipped with a variety of grading and snow buckets as well as our newest snow wing blade which can be extended to scrape an area 13 feet wide. Other attachments include pallet forks, brushes and rough cutting mower.


GMC 5500 Series All Wheel Drive Truck

Our newest addition to the Property Masters Fleet. This truck has a 3 ton rating all wheel drive equipped with a 75 series Effer knuckle boom crane able to lift 1,100 lbs fully extended to 40 working feet and an 11 foot dump box capable of hauling up to four yards of material. The dump box sides also fold away converting the box to a flat bed service unit. Other equipment added to this service vehicle consists of a hydraulically controlled front blade/plow that will function as a snow blade or a “V” plow or an inverted V plow for scooping snow. The truck is also equipped with a two yard sand/rock chip spreader which will help to control icy parking lot conditions in the winter and for the summer a 5000 litre water tank to help with power washing and watering tasks.



Crane & Lift Services